“Our organization has been associated with PentaRisk since they were founded, and we have established a great insured/broker partnership with them. And it’s more than just placing insurance. They are really concerned about our success as an organization, stepping up whenever our needs are more than insurance policies, such as offering input into safety and loss control programs, suggesting risk funding alternatives, coordinating underwriting and audit procedures, etc. Their customer service is second to none, usually resolving our issues on the same day, or proactively following up to keep us informed on outstanding items. You couldn’t ask for a better bunch of industry professionals than those at PentaRisk.”Civil contractor in Florida
December 12, 2014

“We are pleased to think of the PentaRisk team as part of our team, and we strongly recommend their services to any contractor. PentaRisk employs their extensive industry knowledge and in-house expertise to find the policies and products that are best suited for our needs, and to find the carriers that are best positioned to provide those products. We rely on their consultation to help us understand intricate elements of the various insurance policies and to make informed decisions to effectively manage our risks. On a day-to-day basis, PentaRisk provides outstanding customer service. Their follow through is always quick, and their analysis is always thorough.”Paving / public works contractor in Georgia
December 16, 2014

“PentaRisk is one of our preferred brokers. We often hear brokers say that they specialize in construction. Well, PentaRisk does! They have developed several risk transfer and safety service that reduce risk for our mutual clients. We put their applications at the top of our stack for immediate consideration.”National insurance company VP
April 3, 2014

“We had been with the same insurance broker for over a decade. We decided to interview several brokers to make sure our program and pricing were competitive. After a 30 day process our choice was easy – PentaRisk. They prepared a risk diagnostic report that showed us some gaps in coverage, as well as pricing options that were not available from our previous broker. When they finished negotiating our renewal policies we saved $200,000, and had better coverage!”Specialty subcontractor in Northern CA
July 14, 2014

“We realized we needed an insurance and surety broker that could give us the advice and support to help us scale and grow our business. Our banker introduced us to Jim and his team. PentaRisk was able to negotiate a combined insurance program with a national construction insurance carrier that reduced our insurance cost and provided better coverage. They have helped us with our safety program, and have also helped to close some lingering open claims. We enjoy working with our PentaRisk team!”Specialty subcontractor in CA
September 3, 2014

“We’ve worked with the principals of PentaRisk since we founded our company more than 19 years ago. Our clients are primarily fast-paced technology companies in Silicon Valley. When we need answers, we need them fast. When we call PentaRisk, they answer the phone and provide immediate and accurate information that allows us to exceed our clients’ expectations. I’m glad I have the PentaRisk team on my side!”Risk manager, general contractor, Greater Bay Area, CA
April, 5, 2014

“We were not actively looking to switch our insurance broker, but after an introductory meeting with PentaRisk we decided to allow their team to provide a risk diagnostic and risk reduction review. We were impressed with the level of service and detail that they delved into and decided to hire them to improve upon our coverages and broker services. When it came time for our renewal they saved us money too! We have been pleased with our decision to partner with Pentarisk for our insurance needs.”General Contractor Bay Area, CA
December 18, 2014

“Our client’s key employee had a heart episode while traveling on business. It was discovered that he had a hole in his heart requiring almost immediate surgery upon his return home. Surgery was scheduled and then declined by the carrier as experimental, due to the specialized surgical equipment involved. After a few days of intense research on the procedure, equipment and FDA data, we were able to locate documentation that allowed for a special exception to use this equipment.”Success Story, Employee Benefits Team
October 11, 2016

“The owner of a company was going on Medicare, and his family was enrolling under COBRA at the beginning of the month. On the 6th of the month, before the application could be processed, the owner’s daughter was rushed to the emergency room. The COBRA administrator was having difficulty with its online system, causing an almost impassible roadblock to both the enrollment and, potentially, the daughter’s treatment. We dropped everything, and concentrated on this as a top priority. After 18 phone calls (the ones we counted) with the client, the insurance carrier, the COBRA administrator and the hospital over a period from late morning on day one, through mid-afternoon on day two, the COBRA issue was resolved. The hospital agreed to treatment and a delay in verifying benefits. The young lady was treated and released and sent home with her parents to recover.”Success Story, Employee Benefits Team
October 11, 2016

“We are a general contractor in the San Francisco Bay Area. One of our employees had a never-ending workers’ compensation claim, that led to a second workers’ compensation claim for another on-the-job injury. We seemed to be stuck in an endless loop with these two claims, and there was no resolution in sight. Moreover, we did not think we wanted to keep this employee anymore. We most definitely wanted to cut our losses. PentaRisk San Jose helped us achieve this goal. They navigated the workers’ compensation system for us, and we were able to secure a compromise and release from our employee, including a voluntary resignation from his employment. He is no longer on our payroll, and we don’t have to worry about his medical issues in the future, so we are very pleased with the result.”Risk manager, general contractor, Greater Bay Area, CA
January 10, 2018